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I learn, to my surprise, that there is such a role as “deputy foresight editor” (Greggs and Primark on a roll with second fashion collaboration, 26 July). Has the foresight editor appointed a deputy because he knows something we don’t?
Tony Coghan

Dr Bernardine Jones is “sick to death” of women being expected to do cardio rather than weights (Letters, 27 July). As a 66-year-old man, I was the only chap in a Zumba class of 25 women on Wednesday. The inner John Travolta had an outing and, with no masculine competition, I had a corner in the strutting market.
Tom Stubbs
Surbiton, London

I really hope that there was a decimal point missing in Dr Jones’s suggestion of two 25kg plates on a barbell that I lift for 30-45 minutes. Twenty-five kg? The idea shocked me so much I had to go and lie down.
Pam Stanier
Malvern Wells, Worcestershire

As the Commonwealth Games begin (10 things to watch out for in Birmingham, 26 July), and as a former resident of Smethwick, West Midlands, I cannot but reflect ruefully on the following contrast: Sandwell Aquatics Centre delivered on time for 2022 Commonwealth Games; nearby Metropolitan hospital, originally scheduled for 2018, now due 2024.
Rob Symonds
Bingham, Nottinghamshire

I disagree with Jane Greening (Letters, 27 July). Lavatories should be flushed after every use for hygienic reasons. The best way to save water is to have a shower instead of a bath.
Dominic Shelmerdine

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