Application Case of Maritime Surveillance patrol and law …


Time: April, 2017

Equipments: L40 USV (LTE communication), optoelectronic pod, infrared imager

Project Details:
Security and Patrol USV autonomously navigates to the waters around area of Southwest shoal promptly after receiving the warning from wharf, conducting security patrol, target monitoring, identifying and tracking, evidence collection by taking photos and driving by recording, making video and recording on spot etc. and transmitting the information in real time to General command center to keep files. 
Conclusion: USV can accomplish to navigate autonomously in large distance (covered within communication), search target and track by taking pictures, collect evidence to enforce the law and then return back automatically. 

USV can be able to navigate and locate accurately with multiple communication lines transmitting stably, with constant and distinct video and with normal recording and night vision.

It is completely feasible that USV executes sea patrol and law enforcement taking place of officials partly.

USV navigation data and video-audio data can be transmitted in real time to General command center.

Taking pictures at night in long distance .(4 kilometers away)

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