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Repost from @russianblend_art

Finally carved out some time to play with the supplies in the September #artsnacks box! Loved all the supplies included! The #posca pen was great to lay down a large area of color, the #kuretakezig Cambio Tambien brush pen is loaded with pigment and I was able to do some washes if I got to it quickly before it dried. The #polychromos pencil is a dream! I have never used one before. And of course you know me and my affinity towards fine liners 😊 I have a nice collections of #micronpen already, but one can never have enough IMO 😂

I went with a betta fish mainly because we recently got one. I never realized how gorgeous they can be. Ours is a beautiful crimson color. They are also grossly mistreated during breeding, transport and even once purchased. Check out my stories to see what our betta came in. Not a proper place for a fish at all. We first put him in a 0.7 gallon tank that had no filtration. This is standard for most betta owners. Our setup was temporary however, we were planning to free up the 3.5 gallon tank in the next couple of days. Thunder was happy in the temporary tank (anything better than a container he couldn’t even swim in I guess) but a betta needs about 4 gallons to be happy and healthy. Once we moved him into his permanent home, you could tell he was excited. Please treat your betta to a nice home. Thank you 😊 🐠
Swipe to see progress shots. 😉

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