Logitech’s portable K480 keyboard lets you type on three different gadgets!


If you’re anything like us and have gadgets all over the place, have you ever wished you had a keyboard that could work with everything you own? That’s what Logitech is betting on with its brand new K480 keyboard, which can let you tap away on your computer, smartphone and tablet from the same set of keys with just a flick of a dial! Is this the one keyboard to rule them all?

Logitech has taken the wraps off its Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480, which is billed as the first wireless desk keyboard that’s been designed to work with three completely different gizmos. That means the keyboard is completely platform agnostic and will work with Bluetooth gadgets no matter what OS they’re running, whether that’s Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac or even Chrome OS. Phew!

Is this the ultimate iPad keyboard?

That’s all handled by a nifty dial that lets you choose which gizmo the keyboard is connected to, and there’s even a slot at the top of the keyboard to hold your phone or tablet. We imagine switching from iMessage on our iPhone to smashing out emails on our Android Nexus 7 tablet, and even controlling our media centre PC with just the K480, which also has media keys for controlling your tunes.

The K480 will arrive in black or white hues, and it’s set to launch in the US and across Europe starting from this month for £49.99. Fancy one of these?
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