New Commercial Attaché in Ukraine starts, positions in the Republic of Korea strengthened


Tomas Matulevičius has joined the Lithuanian diplomatic mission in Ukraine as Commercial Attaché in order to strengthen the representation of Lithuania’s economic interests in Ukraine, which is one of Lithuania’s priority markets for exports and innovation cooperation.

The new Commercial Attaché is expected to contribute to the development of Lithuania’s economic representation in the country, as well as to accelerate and coordinate the implementation of joint projects.

“Ukraine today is not only fighting for the values of a civilised world and the human right to be free, but is also charting a new stage in the country’s development – it will become even more modern and economically stronger after the end of war. We see enormous potential for mutually beneficial trade, and we look forward to the appointment of a commercial attaché to help realise it. We also need to focus not only on trade relations in these difficult times for Ukraine, but also on finding new logistics and transport corridors, as the Russian invaders have destroyed much critical infrastructure”, said Minister of the Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė.

Prior to his appointment, T.Matulevičius worked for two decades in the Ministry of National Defence, serving as Commander of the Lithuanian Military Training Mission in Ukraine and most recently as Deputy Defence Attaché to Ukraine. He is a graduate of the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania and holds a Master’s degree in Political Science.

“Economy, trade, business, tourism, logistics in wartime is a huge challenge, but even in wartime the economy cannot stop. Without it, the existence and development of the state is impossible. Ukraine is fighting for its and our freedom and future, and it is our duty to help it to prevail, to survive this difficult period, and to help it to recover after the war and become a modern, active and attractive country for business, both in Lithuania and other countries. My goal as Commercial Attaché is to represent Lithuania’s interests by making non-standard, quick and useful decisions as efficiently as possible, to renew and strengthen the business relations between Lithuania and Ukraine, and to achieve mutual benefits,” said T. Matulevičius.

Andrius Sankauskas, who has been Lithuania’s Commercial Attaché in China until now, will be appointed Commercial Attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in South Korea from 5 September.

Lithuania currently has Commercial Attachés in the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Israel. By 2024, the number of Commercial Attachés will be increased to 23.

The Ministry of Economy and Innovation is currently carrying out selection and recruitment procedures for the position of Commercial Attaché of the Republic of Lithuania in Japan, the United States, Germany and Poland. The new attachés will strengthen Lithuania’s economic representation globally and in the strategically important markets of the USA and Germany, where 3 commercial attachés will be based.

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