NEWSLETTER: Eleven kestrel chicks now ready for the world


It won’t be long before all 11 kestrel chicks take to the skies, so this week we gave them each an ID ring and a name. This means we can identify them in the future. Also barn owls Gylfie & Finn’s four eggs are due to hatch soon. And if you’re local and looking for ways to enjoy the Royal Jubilee next weekend, why not plan a visit my gallery in Thixendale to celebrate one’s wildlife.

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Wildlife films – Mr Kes so busy now his chicks are reunited

kestrel chicks in nest

When I popped the three kestrel chicks back in their nest. Mr Kes took it in his stride and just got on with the job of feeding them. But if their dad was too busy to make much of their return, their siblings were very surprised.

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All ELEVEN kestrel chicks named & rung

All 11 kestrel chicks now have ID rings as well as names.
Apollo & Athena’s chicks are: Kessandra (225g), Iona (225g) Ava (215g) Waldo (250g) and Kevin (250g)
And the three of Mr Kes’ chicks I took in for extra care are: Jeff (215gs), Duke (215g), and Jasmine (235g)  The others are: Gizmo (260gs), Dagmar (260g), and Raine (275g). 
Thanks to the moderators who monitor my YouTube livestream for naming them. It won’t be long now before they fledge. Keep an eye on the cameras. 

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Hatching week

poster showing two barn owls in nest

Gylfie & Finn’s four eggs are due to hatch over the course of the week and so I recommend you keep your eye on my YouTube livestream. it really is a special thing to see a barn owl chick hatch out and to watch their first moments.

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Print of the week – Barn owl at Burdale

Burdale is one of my favourite of the Yorkshire Wold valleys and I often go there to watch wildlife. This painting was inspired by a time I had been watching a barn owl hunting and it paused on a post to peer into the grass.

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Gift of the week – puffin placemat & coaster 

outdoor table set with puffins on blue placemat and matching coaster

Show off your love for puffins with these cheerful puffin placemats and coasters. Made from quality melamine, these table mats are hardwearing and easy to clean, making them great for outdoor meals this summer. 

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Celebrate the Royal Jubiliee at my Yorkshire gallery

My art gallery in Thixendale is open throughout the Jubilee weekend. Why not plan a royal day out to see my paintings and films and enjoy the wildlife characters that inspired them on my live nest cameras. I invite you to raise a complimentary mug of coffee to her Majesty while you’re here too!  

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Wildlife read – remembering otters

As wildlife enthusiasts around the globe celebrated World Otter Day this week, I was reminded of a time when I spent a week in the Scottish Highlands following an otter along the shores of a loch to get photographs for a new painting.

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Wildlife conservation

kestrel with wings over chicks

My wildlife cameras mean I get to share special moments with you. If you would like to support me, you can donate or join a supporter group, where you also receive access to behind the scenes stories from as little as £3 a month.

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That’s all for this week. Stay safe and well. 
Kind Regards Robert E Fuller









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