PAINTING PROCESS – Short Tutorial 3 : How I built “The seagulls orchestra” quick scenery using traditional painted masked birds by Sylvain Sarrailh


If you are curious to know how I built the “The seagulls orchestra” artwork, you can see in this short tutorial the big steps of my workflow to create a strong staging playing with swarms of birds, an intelligible depth of field and color balance with restricted color scale. 

This image was done in 6 hours using Oculus Medium, Photoshop and the masked birds and brushes of the traditional painting pack “Flying Pigeon & Gull Cutout” that you can find on my Artstation store.

The pack contains 110 hand-painted masked birds, 4 Photoshop brushes and the layered PSD of this artwork! 

You can see in the pictures below the original paintings made by Johanna Capelle using Waterman black ink. One of its specificities is that when you blend it with water you can obtain subtle gold and navy blue nuances. 

So the paintings are done by hand and then scan in 600ppp to obtain a very high resolution, perfect to be integrated in any digital composition and give an interesting traditional touch to a swarm of birds! You can find all details and full content of the Flying Pigeon & Gull Cutout pack on my store.If you are interested in that sort of assets I invite you to follow the PIXELREF feed on Instagram & Twitter. It’s an online art resource we created  Johanna and I for royalty-free traditional and digital paintings assets, textures and brushes, reference photos and masked images. : &

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