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However, wolves travel long distance (their natural behavior, they can walk many miles a day) and without knowing, they could easily go outside the Yellowstone park boundary, and once they are outside of Yellowstone, they could be hunted.

And since they thought humans are of no harm, they may walk right towards the hunters just outside the park.

So in a way, its absolutely unfortunate that while Yellowstone protect the wolves and give us such an amazing experience to view these wolves, it could also become the reason why these “more bold and curious” Yellowstone wolves could get killed easily once outside the park, compared to the “other” wolves that were always outside the park and were more skittish from humans.

My friend Scott, a doctor who has worked as a volunteer in Yellowstone for many years (and I met him during my trip to Yellowstone where he shared with me his experience and introduced me to some staff of the Yellowstone wolf project) just told me that MT legislature and FWP are taking an aggressive stance on wolf killing. This also threatens the YNP wolves. He sent me a PDF with the info regarding this topic:

The Wolf Hunt Proposal is open to public comment until July 26 so we can express what we think here.

What I found out so far is that some hunters outside the park wanted to get rid of the wolves because they think the wolves threaten their livelihood as ranchers, or the business of elk hunting tours. I am still new to this issue but I agree with Scott that we should at least let the legislature know how wolf viewing helps the local economy, such as lodging, food, etc.

I myself spent thousands of dollars this winter paying for hotel, food, hiring snow coach to go to the interior of the park, etc.

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