Zuckerberg says Meta launching new VR headset in October


Meta Platforms’ next virtual reality (VR) headset will arrive in October, according to the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

The Verge reports that the headset will likely launch around the time of Meta’s annual Connect event.

“For the next device that’s coming out in October, there’s a few big features,” Zuckerberg said on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

He made the comments while discussing VR at the start of the podcast and is believed to have been referring to Meta’s headset codenamed Project Cambria.

Zuckerberg listed some of the new social features that the headset will offer with its eye and facial tracking capabilities.

“The ability to now have kind of eye contact in virtual reality,” he said.

“Have your face be tracked so that way your avatar — it’s not just this still thing, but if you smile or if you frown or if you pout, or whatever your expression is, have that translate in real-time to your avatar.”

In July 2022, code findings inside the company’s iPhone app for setting up headsets revealed that the headset would be called the Meta Quest Pro.

It will feature high-resolution cameras, more storage, new controllers, and high-resolution displays.

An insider close to the matter revealed that the headset would cost more than $1,000 (R16,800).

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